elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste – Product Description

elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste – Product Description

elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste

Discover the refreshing alternative to traditional toothpaste with elmex Menthol-free. This pack of 3 x 75 ml tubes offers a unique fruity flavor that sets it apart from the usual mint note found in toothpaste. Not only does it provide a different taste experience, but it also meets the requirements of classic homeopathy teaching, making it suitable for individuals with menthol allergies or those looking for a change.

Key Features

  • Effectively protects against tooth decay
  • Homeopathy compatible
  • Remineralizes the teeth
  • No menthol and free from essential oils

Why Choose elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste?

1. Unique Fruity Flavor: Say goodbye to the usual minty taste and enjoy a slightly fruity flavored toothpaste that adds a touch of excitement to your oral care routine.

2. Homeopathy Compatibility: elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste is formulated to meet the requirements of classic homeopathy teaching, ensuring it is safe to use alongside homeopathic treatments.

3. Protection Against Tooth Decay: With highly effective amine-fluoride, this toothpaste provides reliable protection against tooth decay, keeping your teeth strong and healthy.

4. Remineralizes the Teeth: elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste helps to remineralize the teeth, strengthening the enamel and preventing mineral loss.

5. Menthol and Essential Oil-Free: If you have a menthol allergy or simply prefer a toothpaste without menthol or essential oils, elmex Menthol-free is the perfect choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste suitable for children?

Yes, elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste is suitable for children aged 6 years and above. However, adult supervision is recommended to ensure proper brushing technique.

Can I use elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste if I have sensitive teeth?

Yes, elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste is gentle on sensitive teeth and can be used as part of a sensitive oral care routine. It provides effective protection against tooth decay without causing discomfort.

How often should I use elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste?

For optimal oral care, it is recommended to brush your teeth with elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste at least twice a day, morning and night.


Experience a refreshing change in your oral care routine with elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste. With its unique fruity flavor, homeopathy compatibility, and effective protection against tooth decay, this toothpaste offers a delightful alternative to traditional minty toothpaste. Free from menthol and essential oils, it caters to individuals with menthol allergies or those seeking a different taste. Try elmex Menthol-free Toothpaste today and discover a new level of freshness for your teeth and gums.