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Viome at-Home Gut Microbiome Test | Personalized Recommendations for Food, Prebiotics & Probiotics | Improve Digestion | Enhance Sleep | Clear Skin

Viome at-Home Gut Microbiome Test | Personalized Recommendations for Food, Prebiotics & Probiotics | Improve Digestion | Enhance Sleep | Clear Skin

Viome at-Home Gut Microbiome Test

Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test is a simple at-home microbiome stool test that allows you to send your sample from the comfort of your own home. No lab appointment or doctor appointment is needed. Your complete analysis, scores, and food lists are conveniently delivered onto your app, tablet, or computer. With Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test, you can fine-tune the function of your gut microbiome and understand what foods you should be eating or avoiding (with explanations for WHY) to optimize your unique gut chemistry.


  • Requires the use of an up-to-date web browser or mobile app.
  • Viome is currently unavailable in the state of New York.
  • Viome results and recommendations are typically delivered into your app within 4-6 weeks from the time we receive your sample and completed questionnaire, however processing times may vary!
  • You will have 6 months from the date of purchase to use your kit.

Accurate Gut Analysis

Get personalized food recommendations tailored to your body based on the most advanced technology, originally developed for National Security at the Los Alamos National Lab. Don’t rely on one size fits all diets to reach your health goals.

Why You Need a Microbiome Test

Take the guesswork out of eating right. No more fad diets & conflicting food advice. Food & supplement recommendations based on your personal gut microbiome activity.

Know What to Eat

Our results & recommendations allow for you to make informed decisions about which food or supplements to consume to help you achieve your goal of weight loss, better sleep, improved digestion, increased focus, healthy metabolism or higher energy.

The Simple Process

Your mailed kit will include detailed instructions on how to collect and ship your sample with prepaid shipping to our world-class lab and receive results online and on the Viome app. Processing times may vary.

Use the App

Our easy-to-use app allows you to conveniently access your personalized recommendations to discover the foods you should be eating (or avoiding) and why. Your gut scores help you understand your gut’s current state. No lab required.

Science Behind Viome

Our state-of-the-art metatranscriptomic technology & Artificial Intelligence engine have the power to analyze the activity of all bacterial, viruses, yeast, fungi, and mold strains in your gut and their integrative impact on metabolism & gut health. We tell you what foods to avoid and what foods are your superfoods based on how your gut microbiome is likely to respond to these foods.

Nutrition Recommendations for Anyone

Viome gut microbiome test is for anyone looking to level up their health such as expecting mothers, biohackers looking for an optimal diet, or anyone confused about what to eat for weight loss, better sleep, improved focus or tired of bloating and other digestive issues.


Viome is CLIA certified under United States Federal regulatory standards ensuring accuracy and reproducibility of clinical lab results. However, the State of NY requires additional licensing that we are working diligently to obtain. We are expecting to get this additional license in the very near future but until that time, we’re unable to ship or process samples from individuals who live in New York.