SEAFLO 56A-Series Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump with Variable Speed Technology – Enhanced Performance and Energy Efficiency – 5.0GPM, 70PSI (12V)

SEAFLO 56A-Series Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump: Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Cycling


Water pressure is a crucial aspect of various applications, ranging from agricultural irrigation to marine systems. The SEAFLO 56A-Series Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump with Variable Speed Technology offers a groundbreaking solution to optimize water pressure while minimizing cycling. This article explores the features, benefits, and applications of this innovative pump.

SEAFLO 56A-Series Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump: Key Features

The SEAFLO 56A-Series Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump stands out with its advanced Variable Speed Technology, which allows for reduced cycling and enhanced efficiency. Key features of this pump include:

1. Variable Speed Technology

The Variable Speed Technology of the SEAFLO 56A-Series Pump enables automatic adjustment of the pump’s speed based on the water demand. This ensures a consistent water pressure without unnecessary cycling, resulting in energy savings and extended pump life.

2. High Flow Rate

With a flow rate of 5.0 gallons per minute (GPM), this pump delivers a steady and reliable water supply for various applications. Whether it’s for agricultural irrigation, RV water systems, or boat plumbing, the SEAFLO 56A-Series Pump ensures efficient water distribution.

3. Optimal Pressure

Operating at a maximum pressure of 70 pounds per square inch (PSI), this diaphragm pump provides sufficient pressure for a wide range of tasks. From maintaining consistent water pressure in residential systems to powering sprinklers in agricultural fields, the SEAFLO 56A-Series Pump delivers reliable performance.

4. 12V Power Supply

The SEAFLO 56A-Series Pump is designed to operate with a 12V power supply, making it compatible with various systems and easy to install. This versatility allows for seamless integration into different applications, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of Variable Speed Technology?

A: Variable Speed Technology optimizes energy consumption by adjusting the pump’s speed according to the water demand. This results in reduced cycling, lower energy costs, and increased pump longevity.

Q: Can the SEAFLO 56A-Series Pump be used for marine applications?

A: Yes, the SEAFLO 56A-Series Pump is suitable for marine applications such as boat plumbing and deck washdown. Its reliable performance and efficient water distribution make it an ideal choice for marine systems.

Q: Is the SEAFLO 56A-Series Pump easy to install?

A: Yes, the pump is designed for easy installation. Its compatibility with a 12V power supply and user-friendly design ensure a straightforward setup process.


The SEAFLO 56A-Series Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump with Variable Speed Technology revolutionizes water pressure optimization by reducing cycling and enhancing efficiency. With its advanced features, high flow rate, optimal pressure, and easy installation, this pump is a reliable solution for various applications. Upgrade your water system with the SEAFLO 56A-Series Pump and experience improved performance and energy savings.