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SAMSUNG Galaxy S22+ Cell Phone

SAMSUNG Galaxy S22+ Cell Phone

SAMSUNG Galaxy S22+ Cell Phone

For Gen Z, video isn’t just video. They think of it as a lifestyle – a universal language for how they learn, grow, express, talk, shop, connect, create, and fight boredom with their friends in real time. That’s why they’re demanding a mobile device that finally breaks all the rules of video and makes their everyday more epic than ever.

Introducing Samsung Galaxy S22+, the brilliant new smartphone designed specifically to break the rules of video to meet the needs of Gen Z’s native language; video. With this new video machine, we’re setting an epic new standard. Now, you can communicate with your friends online while you simultaneously co-watch the latest new YouTube videos.


8K Super Steady Video

Shoot videos that rival how epic your life is with stunning 8K recording, the highest recording resolution available on a smartphone. Video captured is effortlessly smooth, thanks to Auto Focus Video Stabilization on Galaxy S22 Plus.

Nightography plus Portrait Mode

Capture the night with crystal clear, bright pics and videos, no matter the lighting with Night Mode. Portrait Mode auto-detects and adjusts to what you want front and center, making all your photos worthy of a frame.

50MP Photo Resolution plus Bright Display

From elaborate landscapes to intricate creations, capture vivid detail with 50MP resolution. Your favorite content will look even more epic on our brightest display ever with Vision Booster.

Adaptive Color Contrast

Streaming on the go, working from your patio, or binge-watching late into the night. The Galaxy S22 Plus adaptive screen automatically optimizes color and brightness, outdoors and indoors.

Long Lasting Battery plus Fast Charging

Power every scroll, click, tap, and stream all day long and then some with an intelligent, long-lasting battery. Dive back into action at a moment’s notice with 25W Super-Fast Charging.

Premium Design & Craftsmanship

With a classy, eye-catching glass-metal-glass design, we’re setting a standard for smartphones. With our strongest aluminum frame and the latest Gorilla Glass, this phone is lightweight and durable to help endure scratches and dings.

Live Sharing with Google Duo

Watch viral YouTube videos and content together with your friends, from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Galaxy S22+ record videos in 8K resolution?

Yes, the Galaxy S22+ can shoot videos in stunning 8K resolution, providing the highest recording quality available on a smartphone.

2. Does the Galaxy S22+ have a long-lasting battery?

Yes, the Galaxy S22+ is equipped with an intelligent, long-lasting battery that can power your device all day long and then some.

3. Is the Galaxy S22+ designed to be durable?

Yes, the Galaxy S22+ features a premium design with a strong aluminum frame and the latest Gorilla Glass, making it lightweight and durable to withstand scratches and dings.


The SAMSUNG Galaxy S22+ Cell Phone is a game-changer for Gen Z’s video-centric lifestyle. With its revolutionary features like the 8K camera, brightest display screen, long battery life, and fast processor, it takes video experiences to a whole new level. Whether you’re capturing epic moments, streaming content, or connecting with friends, the Galaxy S22+ is designed to meet all your needs. Get ready to break the rules of video and make your everyday more epic than ever.