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NAQIER Climbing Dome – Upgraded 10FT Dome Climber for Kids

NAQIER Climbing Dome – Upgraded 10FT Dome Climber for Kids

NAQIER Climbing Dome – Upgraded 10FT Dome Climber for Kids

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor playground equipment for your kids? Look no further! The NAQIER Climbing Dome is here to provide endless fun and excitement for your little ones. This upgraded 10FT dome climber is designed for kids aged 3-10 and is the ultimate jungle gym for your backyard.

10FT Stable & Safe Jungle Gym

The NAQIER Climbing Dome has a diameter of 10FT and a height of 5FT, making it spacious enough for multiple children to play together. Crafted in a highly firm Starfish bracket design structure, this dome climber offers more stability and is not easy to deform. It can hold up to 800lbs, ensuring the safety of your kids while they have fun. All the tubes are upgraded in thickness, so you never have to worry about shake or tip over. With this sturdy jungle gym, up to 6 kids can play synchronously, creating unforgettable memories together.

Rust and UV Protection Dome Climber

The external steel tube of the NAQIER Climbing Dome is upgraded in thickness and powder-coated, offering durability and safety for your children. The internal tube is coated with galvanizing, protecting it from rust and corrosion. The nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel, providing extra protection from rust and UV. The pipes connected to each other are made of galvanized steel, ensuring they will not rust or distort. This makes the whole climbing frame durable and long-lasting, even when exposed to outdoor elements.

Holiday Gift

Add the NAQIER Climbing Dome to your backyard and watch your kids’ faces light up with joy! This outdoor playground equipment is the perfect gift for leisure and entertainment. The handle simulates rock climbing design, allowing children to experience the fun of outdoor rock climbing. The climbing holds are textured for easy gripping and can hold up to 200lbs. The material of the climbing dome is anti-rust and UV protected, so you can confidently place it in your backyard without worrying about its durability.

Benefits for Kids’ Development

By enjoying the NAQIER Climbing Dome, your children not only strengthen their physique and improve their balance, but also acquire problem-solving skills. This outdoor toy promotes social interaction and cooperation among kids, enhancing their confidence and stimulating their inner potential. It is the perfect gift choice for birthdays, Easter, Christmas, or any special occasion. Your kids will love this exciting and engaging outdoor playground equipment.

Easy Assembly

Setting up the NAQIER Climbing Dome is a breeze! The package comes with a detailed manual that guides you through the assembly steps. It is recommended to have someone assist you during the process for better efficiency. The tubes of the monkey bars for the backyard come in 3 different colors, making it easier to identify and install them correctly. You don’t need to prepare any tools as all the brackets and tools are included in the package. Additionally, 6 ground stakes are provided to strengthen the stability of the dome climber.


The NAQIER Climbing Dome is the ultimate outdoor playground equipment for kids. With its upgraded 10FT dome climber, your children can enjoy endless fun and excitement in the safety of your backyard. This dome climber is stable, safe, and can support up to 800lbs. It is rust and UV protected, ensuring its durability and longevity. By promoting physical development and enhancing social skills, this climbing toy is the perfect gift choice for your kids. Get the NAQIER Climbing Dome today and watch your kids’ imagination soar!