Mist Coolant for Metal Cutting Applications | Fusion Cool 2255 | Premium Synthetic Metalworking Fluid (5 Gallon)

Mist Coolant for Metal Cutting Applications | Fusion Cool 2255 | Premium Synthetic Metalworking Fluid (5 Gallon)

Mist Coolant for Metal Cutting Applications

Are you looking for a high-quality mist coolant for your metal cutting applications? Look no further! Introducing Fusion Cool 2255, the ultimate solution for all your metalworking needs. With its premium synthetic formula, Fusion Cool 2255 offers exceptional performance and numerous benefits.

Why Choose Fusion Cool 2255?

Fusion Cool 2255 is specifically designed to enhance metal cutting applications. Here are some key reasons why it stands out from the competition:

1. Superior Cooling Properties

With Fusion Cool 2255, you can say goodbye to overheating issues. Its advanced cooling properties ensure that your tools stay cool, even during the most demanding cutting operations. This not only improves tool life but also reduces the risk of thermal damage to your workpiece.

2. Extended Tool Life

By using Fusion Cool 2255, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your cutting tools. The premium synthetic formula provides excellent lubrication, reducing friction and wear. This results in less tool breakage and increased productivity.

3. Improved Surface Finish

Fusion Cool 2255 is formulated to deliver exceptional surface finish on your workpieces. Its unique blend of additives ensures smooth and precise cutting, leaving you with a flawless end result. Say goodbye to rough edges and imperfections!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should Fusion Cool 2255 be used?

A: Fusion Cool 2255 should be mixed with water according to the recommended dilution ratio. The mixture can then be applied as a mist coolant during metal cutting operations.

Q: Is Fusion Cool 2255 safe to use?

A: Yes, Fusion Cool 2255 is safe to use. It is free from harmful chemicals and has been extensively tested for compatibility with various metals.

Q: Can Fusion Cool 2255 be used with all types of cutting tools?

A: Fusion Cool 2255 is compatible with a wide range of cutting tools, including carbide, high-speed steel, and cobalt. It is suitable for both general-purpose and high-performance applications.


In conclusion, Fusion Cool 2255 is the ultimate mist coolant for metal cutting applications. Its premium synthetic formula offers superior cooling properties, extended tool life, and improved surface finish. Say goodbye to overheating, tool breakage, and rough edges. Experience the difference with Fusion Cool 2255 and take your metalworking to the next level!