Makita Af506 2″ Brad Nailer, 18 Gauge

Makita Af506 2″ Brad Nailer, 18 Gauge

Makita Af506 2″ Brad Nailer, 18 Gauge

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The Makita 18 Gauge 2-inch Brad Nailer model AF506 is a versatile and reliable tool designed for various finish applications. With its durable and compact design, this brad nailer offers ease-of-use features that make it a must-have for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Features and Benefits

Durable and Compact Design

The Makita AF506 features a durable construction that ensures its longevity even in demanding work environments. Its compact size allows for easy maneuverability and access to tight spaces, making it ideal for intricate finish work.

Narrow-Nose Design

The narrow-nose design of the AF506 makes it perfect for precision applications. Whether you’re installing trim, molding, or working on other delicate projects, this brad nailer provides the accuracy and control you need.

Wide Range of Nail Sizes

The AF506 can drive 18 gauge brad nails ranging from 5/8 to 2 inches in length. This versatility allows you to tackle a variety of projects without the need for multiple tools.

Adjustable Air Pressure

With an operating range of 70 to 120 PSI, the AF506 can be adjusted to suit different materials and applications. This flexibility ensures optimal performance and prevents damage to delicate surfaces.

High Magazine Capacity

The brad nailer has a magazine capacity of up to 100 nails, reducing the need for frequent reloading. This saves time and increases productivity, especially when working on larger projects.

Precise Contact

The cast-and-machined nose piece of the AF506 is engineered for precise contact with the workpiece. This feature enhances accuracy and prevents accidental damage to the material.

Work Surface Protection

The AF506 is equipped with a non-marring rubber nose that protects the work surface from scratches and dents. This ensures a professional finish and maintains the integrity of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the AF506 be used for heavy-duty applications?

No, the AF506 is designed for finish applications and is not suitable for heavy-duty tasks. It is best used for trim work, molding, and other delicate projects.

2. Is the AF506 compatible with other brands of brad nails?

Yes, the AF506 can drive 18 gauge brad nails from various manufacturers as long as they fall within the specified length range of 5/8 to 2 inches.

3. Can the air pressure be adjusted while the AF506 is in use?

No, the air pressure should be adjusted before operating the brad nailer. It is recommended to test the pressure on a scrap piece of material before starting the actual project.


The Makita Af506 2″ Brad Nailer, 18 Gauge is a reliable and versatile tool that offers ease-of-use features for a wide variety of finish applications. Its durable and compact design, along with its adjustable air pressure and high magazine capacity, make it a valuable addition to any toolbox. With the AF506, you can achieve precise and professional results while protecting the work surface. Invest in this brad nailer and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your projects.