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MAONO AU-HD300T USB/XLR Dynamic Desktop Microphone

MAONO AU-HD300T USB/XLR Dynamic Desktop Microphone

MAONO AU-HD300T USB/XLR Dynamic Desktop Microphone

Are you looking for a professional-grade microphone for your podcast, streaming, or voiceover needs? Look no further than the MAONO AU-HD300T USB/XLR Dynamic Desktop Microphone. This microphone is designed to deliver exceptional audio quality and versatility, making it the perfect choice for content creators and professionals alike.

Key Features

1. USB and XLR Connectivity

The MAONO AU-HD300T offers both USB and XLR connectivity options, allowing you to connect the microphone to your computer or audio interface with ease. Whether you prefer the convenience of USB or the flexibility of XLR, this microphone has you covered.

2. Dynamic Microphone

With its dynamic microphone design, the AU-HD300T is capable of capturing clear and detailed audio, even in noisy environments. This makes it an excellent choice for podcasting, streaming, and voiceover work.

3. Adjustable Polar Patterns

Featuring three adjustable polar patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional), this microphone allows you to customize the pickup pattern to suit your recording needs. Whether you’re recording solo or conducting interviews, the AU-HD300T has the versatility to handle any situation.

4. Built-in Headphone Output

The AU-HD300T comes with a built-in headphone output, allowing you to monitor your recordings in real-time without any latency. This feature is especially useful for podcasters and streamers who need to ensure their audio is of the highest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the MAONO AU-HD300T compatible with Mac and Windows?

A: Yes, the AU-HD300T is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Simply plug it in and start recording.

Q: Can I use this microphone for gaming?

A: Absolutely! The AU-HD300T is a versatile microphone that can be used for gaming, streaming, podcasting, and more.

Q: Does the microphone come with a stand?

A: Yes, the AU-HD300T comes with a sturdy desktop stand that provides stability during recordings.


The MAONO AU-HD300T USB/XLR Dynamic Desktop Microphone is a top-notch microphone that offers exceptional audio quality and versatility. Whether you’re a podcaster, streamer, or voiceover artist, this microphone is sure to meet your needs. With its USB and XLR connectivity options, adjustable polar patterns, and built-in headphone output, the AU-HD300T is a reliable and professional choice for any recording situation.