Homtime C1 Music Alarm Clock for Bedrooms

Homtime C1 Music Alarm Clock for Bedrooms

Homtime C1 Music Alarm Clock for Bedrooms

Start your day with style and convenience with the Homtime C1 Music Alarm Clock for Bedrooms. This innovative alarm clock combines functionality and aesthetics to enhance your morning routine.



The Homtime C1 comes with a built-in speaker, allowing you to wake up to your favorite tunes or listen to music while getting ready for the day. The high-quality sound will ensure a pleasant audio experience.

2-Port Universal USB Charger

With the 2-port universal USB charger, you can conveniently charge your devices while you sleep. No more searching for multiple chargers or outlets. The Homtime C1 has got you covered.

Large 4 Level Dimmable LCD Screen

The large LCD screen displays the time, date, and temperature. With 4 levels of dimmable brightness, you can easily adjust the screen to your preference, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.


The built-in thermostat allows you to monitor the temperature in your bedroom. This feature ensures that you can create a comfortable sleeping environment, promoting a restful night’s sleep.


We all love a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning. The Homtime C1 comes with a snooze function, allowing you to snooze your alarm and enjoy a few more moments of relaxation before starting your day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I connect my phone to the speaker?

Yes, the Homtime C1 has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect your phone or other devices wirelessly to the speaker.

2. Can I charge multiple devices at the same time?

Yes, the 2-port universal USB charger allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.

3. Is the LCD screen easy to read?

Yes, the large LCD screen with 4 levels of dimmable brightness ensures easy readability in any lighting condition.


The Homtime C1 Music Alarm Clock for Bedrooms is the perfect addition to your morning routine. With its speaker, 2-port universal USB charger, large 4 level dimmable LCD screen, thermostat, and snooze function, it offers convenience and functionality in one stylish package. Start your day off right with the Homtime C1.