Baybee Raven Kids Car – The Ultimate Push Ride-on Car for Kids

Baybee Raven Kids Car – The Ultimate Push Ride-on Car for Kids

Baybee Raven Kids Car – The Ultimate Push Ride-on Car for Kids

It’s time to let your child expand his motor and sensory skills in this luxury push car. Featuring a versatile combination of a walker and a ride on car, this premium push car will let your little one fulfill his ultimate driving fantasy. Your little one can enjoy a safe and a comfortable ride due to the child-sized seat along with the high back rest. This car is a perfect gift for kids with ages 1-3 years who weighs a maximum of 25 Kgs.

Exclusive Foot-to-Floor Design

This Push car design offers a versatile combination of a Ride on car and walker. This exclusive car allows toddlers to ride themselves or use it as a push toy with a kid-sized push bar.

Product Quality

Baybee Push Ride-on Car is constructed by entirely Premium Virgin PVC Plastic material which features non-toxic and odorless. It is secure for your baby to ride on freely.


Our push ride-on car can handle weight maximum upto 20-25 kg and is ideal for 1 year to 3 year old toddlers. It is convenient to carry where ever you go. A smooth and perfect ride on for your toddlers. Designed for utmost comfort of the baby with optimum height and round edges so as not to cause any injury to the kid. Available in attractive colors.

Realistic Driving Experience

Featuring a realistic steering wheel, a comfortable seat, your kid can enjoy a realistic driving experience.

Easy to Carry & Lightweight

BAYBEE Rider is convenient to carry anywhere you go. It has very smooth wheels for the perfect ride for your child.

Overall, the Baybee Raven Kids Car is the perfect combination of fun and safety for your little one. It allows them to develop their motor and sensory skills while enjoying a realistic driving experience. Get your child the ultimate push ride-on car today!